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"This is what the Lord says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, and ask where the good way is, and walk in it. You will find rest for your soul."
Jeremiah 6:16 NIV

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"Saving The Nation" - A New Tax Exempt Organization

4:21 minutes (3.99 MB)children_pledge_400Jerry and Kelly Stewart have formed a new organization to provide a series of study lessons for your children. These lessons are taken from the powerful stories of history that Jerry has been telling for over 15 years. To know more about this new effort to help save our America, go to:


Income_tax : Tax cut and cutting taxes represented by metal scissors slashing the word taxes to show the concept of government political policy and campaign promisis to reduce the tax rate for the wealthy and the middle class tax payers. Stock PhotoWhen our founding fathers developed the rules and laws to run our government, they wrote certain “dos and don’ts” into our U.S. Constitution, and some things were strictly not allowed. But even with their very specific “do’s and don’ts” list, one that they considered to be very unconstitutional still made it through.

What was it? Income Tax.

That's right, except for a very short period after the Civil War, prior to 1913, taxes on a person's income were deemed illegal. Why? Article 1, Section 8, clause 1 of our U.S. Constitution says that Congress has the power to impose taxes on, “duties, imports and excises" but only if these taxes are “uniform throughout the United States". In simple words, you must tax all citizens evenly - which income tax does not do. 

Now, if our founding fathers in all their wisdom were so opposed to this idea of taxing income, just how did it become law anyway? Well, in 1911, a Professor Edwin Seligman wrote a book entitled "The Income Tax". In his book, Professor Seligman promoted the idea of an income tax, and his view was that this tax on income was quite compatible with a free society if two things were kept in check. 
* First, that a runaway tax rate could not be allowed. Seligman believed that any income tax exceeding 5% was a runaway rate. 
* And, second, that if our government ever became so powerful that it controlled the citizens, the people would stand against it.
 So what happened? With the backing of the Professor’s book, in 1913 our U.S. Congress passed an amendment to our Constitution, the 16th amendment that said simply this – 

"The Power of Evil"

(As we contemplate the real reason behind Easter and as we fight against the evils that seek to destroy us and our nation, here is a story I came across some time ago which is said to be true - an amazing story which gives us a clear picture of "The Power of Evil")

Building Walls or Character?

greatwallBy Jerry Stewart - Vision Productions    Of all the man-made spectacles in history, all of the seemingly impossible feats, there is one that truly sticks out in my mind. This unbelievable man-made structure was built for protection. And these people who spent literally hundreds of years building it thought that once it was completed, it would be uncrackable.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

imagesozBy Jerry Stewart - Vision Productions   Frank was a dreamer. So, perhaps armed with the idea to help get Frank's head out of the clouds, at age 12 his father sent him to military school. Frank was so miserable there that he became a sickly child and he was eventually allowed to return back home. But one thing Frank loved so much was taking his dreams and writing stories.

"I Tremble For My Country"

160pxt_jefferson_by_charles_willson_peale_1791_2    WE ALL KNOW THOMAS JEFFERSON.

"America Is Great Because..."


"When Life Hands You Lemons"

lemonWe’ve all heard the saying, “When life serves you lemons, make lemonade”. I have a real life American lemonade story.Read this one. 

"Which Is More Important?"

bible_01Ok, here’s a good question for you – of all the books published and sold in America last year, which book sold the most copies?    

"The Ten Cannots for America"

reaganwithflag_400_04 In 1992, in his speech to the Republican Convention, Ronald Reagan listed the "Ten Cannots" for our nation.