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Remembering Pearl Harbor - Order CD or Instant Download Now

wwiiplane2018 Veterans Day Program: 

On the morning of December 7, 1941, an enemy attack was unleashed on our United States which was so horrific and so destructive that it drew our United States into the single most devastating war in the history of our world - World War II! 
It was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Want to hear what really happened that day as told by those veterans who were there?

It's my special 1 hour audio program, Remembering Pearl Harbor, and it may be your first time ever to hear the real story.

The Cost - just $14.95 = $5 S & H - a total of just $19.95 

Order now and get all of this:

1) Today's program "Remembering Pearl Harbor" on CD

  2) A copy of Jerry's book, "Saving America - What we must do now to save our offtrack Nation"

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